AndroZoo Access Conditions

We request that applicants:
  • Evaluate the legal situation of downloading and working on copyrighted applications with regards to their situation (local laws, host institutions policy, etc)
  • Do not, in general, redistribute this data without our consent
  • Do not, in particular, use this data to create an application market
  • Do not make a commercial usage of this data
  • Your API key is strictly personal. Do not distribute it. Do not make it publicly available.
  • Get a faculty, or someone in a permanent position, to agree and commit to those conditions
Please send an application email to stating the name of your research institution and the name of the person requesting access. Make sure to send your application from your university (or research institution) email account.

We politely ask users of this dataset to acknowledge the origin of this data in their publications.

We hope that researchers will make available the lists of apps used in their publications to make their experiments reproducible. (We will happily host your lists on this server if requested)