API Documentation

Download an APK

To download an APK whose SHA256 is ${SHA256} using the API key ${APIKEY}:

With Curl (command-line utility on Linux):
curl -O --remote-header-name -G -d apikey=${APIKEY} -d sha256=${SHA256} \

Feel free to use up to ~20 concurrent downloads (40 if you're outside Europe).

From your Browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera ...):
Please note that a valid request does NOT contain any '$', nor any '{', nor any '}'. The parts in bold MUST be replaced with values.

From the az script (thanks to Artsiom Kushniarou contribution):
az -n 10 -d 2015-12-11: -s :3000000 -m play.google.com,appchina

The command means: download 10 apks with the dexdate starting from the 2015-12-11 (inclusive), size up to 3000000 bytes (inclusive) and present on either play.google.com or appchina.

You’re welcome to have a look at https://github.com/ArtemKushnerov/az and to star the repository.

Where to obtain SHA256s ?
The list of all APKs (with their SHA256) available on AndroZoo can be obtained from the Lists page