Lists of APKs


Big (>950MB compressed) CSV file updated weekly, containing the following fields (not in that order):

sha256, sha1, md5, apk_size, dex_size: Those are what you think they are.

dex_date: The date attached to the dex file inside the zip (sometimes invalid and/or manipulated)

pkg_name, vercode: the name of the android Package and the version code (as reported in the manifest file). Note: pkg_name might be unique inside one market (i.e. two apks with the same pkg_name inside google play may have the same developer).

vt_detection,vt_scan_date: The number of AV from VirusTotal (VT) that detected this apks as a malware on vt_scan_date (if available)

markets: a '|' separated list of the markets where we saw this APK. Note: The absence of a market does NOT mean that an APK was not published on this market. It means we did not see it there.